Are you a well-educated, busy woman who feels like you don't have enough time to improve your German speaking skills?

Do you find yourself struggling to communicate effectively in German, even though you know it's crucial for your personal and professional growth?

Do you crave meaningful conversations with like-minded women while sipping on a glass of exquisite champagne?

Well, look no further because we've got just the thing for you.

Introducing "Champaign & Conversation," the ultimate experience for well-educated, busy expatriate women who know what they want and aren't afraid to go after it.

This training is designed to be an exclusive and luxurious experience, where you'll not only improve your German speaking skills but also connect with a community of like-minded women who understand what it's like to balance a successful career with a fulfilling personal life.


"There are a lot of people on the market who offer German lessons, but they don’t have the solid linguistic background I was looking for. When I met Nina, I found her a very likable person, and I was satisfied because she is a qualified teacher. I have never expected that learning German could be fun, but with Nina, it is!"

- Nora (Hungary)

"Nina is my favorite German teacher by far! I have taken numerous other classes and have learned a lot, but Nina truly takes learning German to another level. I never felt I had the best foundation in German, although I understand a lot, and Nina has been able to fill my knowledge gaps with excellent explanations."

- Laurie (Canada)

"Nina is not only a great teacher but also an amazing woman!
I enjoyed every single moment of the course and her easy, understandable and comfortable way to teach German.
Learning a new language is challenging, but Nina has proved it can be a lot of fun too!

- Francesca (Italy)

Learning a New Language is an Experience to be Savored...

Hello, my name is Nina and I am delighted to welcome you on board.

I have made it my mission to help well-educated, busy expatriate women learn the German language and successfully integrate into society.

I have 12 years of experience under my belt in teaching German, so rest assured that you’ll be in good hands.

I studied educational science at the University of Vienna, and I trained as a certified DaF-/DaZ teacher (German as a foreign language). And now I teach at the UNO as well as at the University of Vienna and at the Schloss Krumbach International School.

What I can promise you is a joyful ride, and tons of fun in learning the language. During my classes, there are no such things as students and teachers, we are all here to learn from each other, have fun, and enjoy a wonderful time.

I will put my professional competence and great empathy at your disposal. So that you can reach your language goals as quickly and smoothly as possible. 

By joining this course, you'll not only improve your German speaking skills, but you'll also be part of an exclusive and luxurious experience that will leave you feeling empowered and inspired. My program is designed to help you feel more confident and secure in your German speaking abilities, so you can communicate more effectively in your personal and professional life.


Champagne & Conversation is an live event scheduled for Saturday, June 03, 2023 in Vienna (11.30 am). It is designed for individuals as of level B1 of German language proficiency. The event will last for 2 hours and aims to provide an opportunity for participants to engage in conversation while enjoying champagne. The location of the event will be disclosed after registration, and it is important to note that there are limited spaces available for participants.

By keeping the spots limited, I ensure that you receive the utmost attention, support, and guidance from my side. This exclusivity guarantees that you'll have the opportunity to connect deeply with me, a native German speaker and experienced teacher and fellow participants, forming meaningful relationships that will enhance your learning experience.

So, what are you waiting for? Join me for "Champaign & Conversation" and indulge in luxury while improving your German speaking skills. It's the ultimate experience for busy, well-educated women who want to take their skills to the next level. Sign up now to secure your spot in this unforgettable experience.



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