Making Your Shopping Experience in German a Smooth One

Vocabulary, phrases, and easy dialogues ready to use.


Got some shopping to do in Germany, Austria or German-speaking Switzerland? But your German is not yet up to scratch?

Well, nobody wants to go window-shopping on vacation.

Also, planning to survive there, by speaking English isn't a bad idea either. In fact, 65% of German speakers know basic English. But what about the other 35%? 

Want to bet the store manager knows a little English every time you go shopping? That will only limit your options and restrict your shopping experience.

That's right! When we go shopping, we go all out or we go home!

Which is why I've prepared a classic "How to Shop in German" handbook for you that will help you make shopping a breeze.

It is a workbook for €0,- that contains: 


A clear and structured overview of the most important words for clothing and shopping.


Important phrases that can be used immediately in practice (even WITHOUT grammatical knowledge).


Simple dialogues that will help you understand the practical aspects of shopping.

Step into any "Kleidergeschäft" (clothing store) with confidence.

By grabbing your copy today. 


Meet Your Teacher:

Hi there, my name is Nina and I am a certified German teacher.

I carry 12 years of professional experience. I have more than a few tricks up my sleeve to help you learn to speak proper German easily and promptly.

As far as my educational background is concerned, I studied educational science at the University of Vienna, I trained as a certified DaF-/DaZ (German as a foreign language) teacher.

Teaching German has always been my passion, and helping you achieve your language proficiency goals is no exception.

Please feel free to reach out for a quick chat and to learn more about my services.

Nina Rottmann, BA

Make Your Shopping Experience in German a Smooth One