German with Nina

What do i do?

A language helps us to connect and communicate with people. I support children and adults in removing these linguistic barriers in order to enable optimal understanding, thereby offering important added value for the individual.
Individual Training
The individual training is the most effective way to learn German. I work individually according to your wishes and needs. And, of course, at the right pace for you.

Especially in courses, it is often difficult to consolidate the content because something new is learned too quickly. Often you don’t manage to participate in the course continuously, because you may have to travel a lot for business. That’s when the individual training is just right for you. The dates and frequency are set by you.

Deutsch mit Nina
Online Lessons
You finally want to learn German, but finding a good coach will take you too much time – not to mention long journeys and appointments at impossible times. That’s when Skype lessons can be the solution for you!

Skype lessons work the same way as regular 1:1 lessons. There is even the opportunity to learn online in the group.

Online training has long been commonplace in the US or the UK. The German-speaking countries are still hesitating a little. Online training has many advantages:

You save time. Even if you live in Vienna, the return journey will cost you time. Besides, you want to be there a few minutes earlier, you have to close the windows beforehand, check the stove … Skype lessons really only take the time that your lesson time takes: laptop on and off you go.

You remain flexible. You are on a busy business or want to go on holiday? Maybe your child will get sick and you will have to stay at home. Skype lessons still keep you in touch with me wherever you have access to the Internet.

Deutsch mit Nina
Business German
Especially in professional life, it is important to feel safe when dealing with the German language. Here we train how you can handle various situations from work and professional life professionally.

This training is suitable for advanced learners (from B1+). You will learn vocabulary and expressions on business-specific topics, such as customer conversations, negotiations or business letters. It also covers the latest news on economic events. The topics are dealt with individually according to your needs.

Deutsch mit Nina
Exam Preparation
You have already attended a German course or have been in Austria/Germany for a long time and are you guessing the basics for the respective language level?

You plan to take a language exam and would like to prepare yourself specifically for it?

Conversation with Nina
Since you probably lack social contacts and have even fewer opportunities to practise your German than you normally do, I have come up with something very special: Socialising and conversation training in German. Live and guaranteed “Corona – free” via ZOOM.

You get to know nice, like-minded people and train your German in a small group. In this positive atmosphere, you’ll find it super easy to speak and you’ll quickly get over any fears you might have.

Whether intermediate or advanced – I always have the right offer to help you to speak better German.