“Nina is a very friendly person and open to talking about many different topics and tailoring the lessons to the interests of the student.”


“It´s fun to learn with Nina! We talk a lot, but she is also ready to explain even the most difficult details of German grammar in a simple and understandable way. It is fexible and we can talk about topics that interest me.”


“Learning German with Nina is fun and always very spontaneous. I never thought I would say something like that, but with a wonderful and warm-hearted person like Nina, it`s hard not to like German.”


“I was very happy with my lessons with Nina. She is a very competent teacher and her teaching has always been interesting an efficient. It also creates a very relaxed atmosphere, which makes learning a new language easier. I would definitely reommend it.”


“Nina is very flexible, she is not bound to a book. She can concentrate on exactly what you need, you can discuss everything with her. I also admire Nina`s knowlege and ability to explain. She always has the answer to all questions, can explain them in detail and let me understand them.”


“Before Nina’s class, I was always afraid to speak. To be honest, I actually hated learning German a little.

But after the course with Nina I have much less stress and fear when I speak German. And if I make mistakes, I don’t worry any more.

We speak a lot German in the group and it feels super relaxed. I finally have fun learning German. Thanks to Nina’s German course I speak much more, have learned many new words and expressions and also refreshed my grammar.”

Anselma, Indonesia


“Before the German course I had less contact with people because I was always very insecure when I had to speak German.

But with Nina`s course I feel much safer and have more confidence in myself.

It feels indescribably great that I made the decision to improve my German. Because one of the positive effects is that I can now communicate much better and easier in German”

Patricia, Peru